250 Bio Sand Water Filters for 8 Remote Adivasi Villages

By Myron Mendes

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LAYA is an organization that began its journey in 1985 by setting foot in the remote areas of the adivasi villages in the East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Since our inception, we have been involved in addressing advasi land alienation issues where we have gotten more than 30 thousand acres of land back to the adivasi families. We also work with these remote marginalized communities on issues of health, education and literacy, sustainable farming and natural resources management, and ways of coping with the current climate change crisis.

The threat to natural resources like land, water and forests is a threat to their livelihood and this is what our organization LAYA wants to change. Keeping this in mind, we have resolved to roll out the implementation of 250 water filters in 8 villages, which will help approximately 1000 villagers.

Our basic objective is to shape the future of the adivasis, not just by providing a solution but by empowering them. We have already started making a difference in their lives by providing them with:

  • Slow Sand Water Filters that make use of drawing water through low carbon technologies like the hydram and gravity flow that draws water from the source streams directly to the village. This water is stored in centrally located community tanks after sedimentation and filtration for use by the hamlet.

  • Bio Sand Water Filters that are locally prepared with the use of concrete, and other basic, locally sourced materials, making them cost-effective and reasonably easy to set up.

  • Low-Carbon Cookstoves that use relatively less firewood and provide a higher efficiency of heat for cooking.

We have provided the villagers with 250 water filters till date. This has reduced the time and labor of the women of these households as they now don’t have to collect firewood from the forests to boil the water. These bio sand water filters while providing drinking water for the households also reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere by not using firewood to boil the water. Even though introducing these bio sand water filters has helped reduce the burden of these communities, it hasn’t reached all households and we need to take this a step ahead.

Hence, we have started a campaign to introduce 250 water filters to 1000 villagers, across 8 villages.

Behind this broader objective is also the intention to:

  • Take a stand for the adivasis based in these interior remote areas that live in abject poverty and face issues of access to clean drinking water access, limited access to quality supply of electricity as well as basic amenities. 

  • Reduce their hardships where lack of infrastructure, improper transportation facilities and long distance travel through an uphill terrain deprives the villagers of basic comfort.

  • Improve productivity and provide livelihoods security through improving their food basket, providing access clean drinking water as well as for water for irrigation, advocating for proper electricity and adequate access to government facilities.

The estimated cost of our project is Rs. 15 Lakh through which we aim to empower the life of these adivasis by providing best-in-class amenities to approximately 1000 villagers, across 250 households in 8 villages. The cost of each water filter is Rs. 4000. Your donation can help in 250 water filters reaching these remote households. 

Please donate to our fundraiser and help us build resilient livelihoods for those who don’t have access to the daily amenities that we usually take for granted. It would also help if you share our fundraiser amongst your Whatsapp and Facebook networks.


We appreciate your best wishes and support for this initiative of ours.

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